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Version 0.9.6002 dev

This is teh nuce page.

15 December 2008 - Job opening - Administration

I'm looking for a person who can log in once in a while and check for new squads to approve or disapprove.


14 April 2006 - Squad registration is teh work!!1

This time it rly works! If you don't select a squad you automatically choose to create one. Otherway around, if you chose a squad the information you have entered will be ignored. The Adminpanel has been adjusted to match our new situation. We have found a serious bug which is, when a squad enters a tag between "<>" then this tag won't appear because PHP renders it as HTML code. A fix has been found and has been applied to several pages. Not far from finished!


13 April 2006 - Registering of Squads!!!

The current part of the site we are working on is almost done and taken care of! Registering players was very important, but squadbase couldn't exist without of course squads! The registration page for the squads are almost finished. We've also written an admin panel, in case we can't moderate the database. In that case someone else can. I feel we're getting near the end and when everything is done we'll throw the whole thing in a test period and start with bug fixing.

PS: We should rly get a news system too, cause I don't feel like manually editing this page all the time :P


05 April 2006 - School/Work eats my time!!!

I've finally got to sit down and look at some bugs and other future features in order to improve this so there is progress happening, don't worry.


May 2005 - Progress

We've worked pretty hard. User registration, logging in and out was my main goal for this week. All of this is finished and currently we're working on the restricted part of the site, Squad registration to be more specific. If you found a way to this site in either way and you've registered: don't bother, we'll reset everything before release.

Some info:
You'll need to register in order to 'join' a squad.
If you are not the creator of the squad you wanted to join then you'll have to wait for approval of the squadleader and you will receive a notice to your email.
Logging in is also required for adding match info to our database.



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